Downright scary, Illinois! Not classy at all. According to Google trends,The number one search term internet users who reside in Illinois seek out is:

Racist Jokes (#1). Followed closely by: Burrito / Deep Dish Pizza / Dennis Rodman (idiot) / Golf Injury / Oasis (band) / Pizza / Thin Crust Pizza / “Workaholics” (TV show). Check out this map. Each of the 50 states is represented by the term most "most searched" on the internet.

The real estate website, Estately ran hundreds of search terms through Google Trends to determine which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other.

The results ranged from laughable to downright scary. Here are the most popular search terms for our neighboring states:

Wisconsin: Log Rolling (#1),  Beanie Babies / Green Party / Menthol Cigarettes / Mike’s Hard Lemonade / Oprah’s Book Club / Survival Shelter

Indiana:  Avon  (#1) / Creationism / Communism / Diabetes / I have a rash /Jared Fogle (Subway spokesman) / Pacifism

Iowa: Drake (#1) Bacon / Corn / County Fair / Drake  / First Amendment / Gay Marriage

Click here for a listing of the most popular search terms for all of the fifty states.