Ever step on a Lego. Ugh! It's a pain you can't describe.

Well parents can soon say goodbye to that foot pain with a pair of Lego slippers.


"Lego has created slippers that the company said will spare parents the pain of accidentally stepping on a Lego brick. "

The slippers are specially designed with "ultra-padded insoles to your feet should you step on any stray bricks."

Currently, the slippers are only available in France.  In order for parents to win a pair of these slippers they have to "validate their child's holiday wishlist on Lego France's website  to enter to win one of the 1,500 pairs of slippers.

There isn't yet word when these will be available to other countries.

Would you ever buy these. I mean for the pure novelty I might but they are kind of hideous and very block-ish.

I just think it's funny that Lego decided to come up with these


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