So Christmas isn't going to be the huge family party you know and love this year, at least RumChata has you covered.

The way the past few weeks of 2020 are shaping us, Christmas is probably getting canceled this year but you know what's not canceled? Drinking holiday cocktails.

I mean, let's face it. That's how we got through the first chunk of 2020, and now we have something new to try.

RumChata's Peppermint Bark variety.

At first I thought this was a cocktail made with RumChata but it's actually just a spin on the RumChata we already know and love.

According to Bev, this drink 'layers the flavors of white chocolate, dark chocolate and candy cane.'

We're pretty much up to try anything alcoholic this holiday season, but this actually sounds delicious.

You can buy a 750-ml bottle for about $22.

Happy Holidays.

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