For the past few weeks, my soon to be first-grader has returned to her younger days of asking one million questions, but now each question she asks has the same theme; they're all about school.

Will I be going back to school?

When can I see my friends and play on the playground?

Can I have a fun mask that doesn't itch?

Can I get a new lunch bag and use it in the cafeteria?

Do I have to do homework?

Will you be my teacher again?

You get my point. She has so many questions regarding school, and I have no real answers to give her, and it's beyond frustrating. Thankfully, it looks like this evening I may have the answers for a few of her most frequently asked questions.

Rockford Public Schools, which serves nearly 28,700 students at 40-plus schools, plans on releasing limited information on how reopening will work Thursday afternoon.

The district’s 5,000 employees will receive the information first on Thursday morning, followed by the district’s families Thursday afternoon.

The RRStar also quoted Ehren Jarret with saying; "I plan to give a very high-level overview at a Thursday press conference".

Many details of the upcoming school year still need to be worked out, like how transportation will work, but the rest of those plans should be released by the end of this month.

Hopefully we will finally know later today what choices will be available to us when it comes to making the decisions about sending our children back to school or not, and how we need to re-work our daily lives.

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