Can I admit to you my horrible mom moment from last week?

Every day since school has started, my phone has been lighting up with notifications about my daughter Ella receiving positive behavior points from her teacher on the Class Dojo app. Then Friday hit, and no Class Dojo notifications appeared on my phone.

While getting ready to pick Ella up from school Friday, I was fully preparing to lay into her about behaving in class, then I saw this post from RPS 205 on Facebook and instantly felt like a real mommy jerk for doubting my girl:

Our company was hit by a massive virus a a couple months ago and it REALLY messed up our day-to-day operations, so I totally understand the frustrations RPS 205 staff members are going through right now.

Be patient with your child's school and teachers today, they are doing the very best they can without many of the resources they are used to having. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by Tuesday.

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