We have loads of ice cream to choose from here in the Stateline area, and according to one blogger, we have the 'Best Ice Cream Ever!'

I love ice cream and I am happy to say I've eaten at this notable ice cream shop in Rockton. In order to call it the 'Best Ice Cream Ever!' I might need a few more scoops though, you know, just to make sure...

Of course we are talking about Dairyhaus!

Whine Wander Wine is the blog who named Dairyhaus the best ice cream ever after a recent trip to the Stateline.

They don't actually pinpoint why they've named Dairyhaus the best ice cream ever, but whatever, they said it so that's their opinion.

In their blog they do highlight a favorite flavor saying:

My personal favorite flavor-line “Hot Coffee!” stems from a partnership between Dairyhäus and local coffee company Rockford Roasting Company.  Recently, for the busy Mother’s Day holiday, Dairyhäus collaborated with Rockton chocolatier Sugar Britches to cultivate a toffee ice cream with fudge swirls (Sugar Britches Butter Brickle).

What do you love most about Dairyhaus?

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