If you're looking to support a small local business that some say does pizza better than anyone else, look no further.

I saw Only In Your State cover a list of the best Mom and Pop Restaurants in Illinois, and since Rockford was passed over, I felt the need to let everyone know about a spot you may overlook.

Not because it's no good, but this unassuming pizza joint is kind of hard to find, off the beaten path, and is kind of easy to forget.

However, anyone who has eaten enough pizza in Rockford knows Giuseppi's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant is far from forgettable.

Located at 950 Halsted Road in Rockford, Giuseppi's rates a 4 out of 5 and is ranked #1 as the Best Mom and Pop Restaurant in town according to Yelp.

Steve K. on Yelp says "I don't know who Giuseppe is, but this guy makes a damn good thin crust pizza."

Anna A. had a different point of view, adding ":...as you try to pull the pizza slice apart from pizza pre-cut all the toppings just come out right off of it taste like a regular pizza there's nothing special about it."

Yelp also ranked Giuseppi's as the 5th best pizza joint in all of Rockford.

GreenFire Restaurant Bar & Bakery, Alpine View Restaurant, Fresco at The Gardens, and Franchesco's Ristorante rounded out Yelp's top 5 Mom and Pop Restaurants in Rockford.

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