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It is amazing to look at the numbers. Between January and April, Rockford residents and visitors gambled over $4.45 Million dollars at one Rockford video gaming facility alone in the first four months of 2016.

Everywhere you turn, you see video gambling in Rockford. Since the state of Illinois made video gaming legal a few years ago more and more video gaming locations are popping up all around town. Practically every restaurant and bowling alley has video gaming, and municipalities are cleaning up.

The Illinois Gaming Board is required to make gaming figures available to the public. It's interesting to see what gaming locations do better than others, in the first four months of of 2016 the City of Rockford netted over $501,000.00 from gambling proceeds.

The Illinois Gaming Board establishes the minimum payout for Video Gaming, which has to be at least 80%. Each town or city receives 5% of the Net Terminal Income (NTI). Individual operators can set their payout rates as they choose from 80% - 100%

The best payout among the top 10 grossing video parlors in Rockford goes to Flamingo Slots

HERE ARE YOUR TOP TEN ROCKFORD VIDEO GAMING PARLORS (Based on dollars gambled between January - April 2016)


LOCATION                                  # of Machines  Money Gambled    Money Paid Out

SLOTS OF FUN (92% payout) 5 4486826.14 4151445.93
Kelley Williamson Company (91.5% Payout) 5 3923637 3593594.14
Miss Jill's (92.8% payout) 5 3750903.99 3480367.54
Don Carter Lanes, Inc. (92.2% payout) 5 3647203.08 3363027.51
R.B.I's (92.9 % payout) 5 3333003.35 3097784.95
Molly's Deli (92.0 % payout) 5 3298314.23 3034472.56
Molly's Deli (91.7% Payout) 5 3225099.24 2959126.61
Miss Jills (92.3% payout) 5 3193933.65 2949170.27
Molly's Deli (91.6 % payout) 5 3178467.74 2913493.67
Flamingo Slots (93.8% Payout) 5 3058212.21 2866254.97

Rockford gamblers wagered $128.6 Million dollars in the first four months of 2016.