Illinois has its vices, alcohol, gambling, and cannabis, but can you guess the order where the most money was spent from least to most?

Adult-use cannabis became legal in January 2020, decades after it should have, yet some people are still taboo about it. I've never been against weed but I was neutral about it. That all changed when a friend of mine, who (like me) struggles with anxiety, suggested I dabble in cannabis while going through a very tough time in life. I tried and it helped.

You're probably judging me.


After I tried it I began legitimately researching weed. With legalization around the corner (at that time) I wanted to learn everything I could about strains, indica versus sativa versus hybrid, the different products, and more. I wanted to be sure I know what I was signing up for before I considered using it regularly. I spent 2 months reading as much as I could from medical experts, studies, and more.


I've made little comments about jokes on the air about my "happy stick" as I can it but this is the first time I am openly sharing the fact that I use cannabis regularly. I know, with certainty, that I have family who may be very disappointed in learning of this, and that's ok. I don't have it against them.

Since January 2020 my struggles with anxiety have lessened and so has my alcohol consumption. I'm not saying you should jump in the world of weed but it has certainly helped me.

I know weed sales are high in Illinois but I didn't realize more money was spent on adult-use cannabis over alcohol (#2 vice) and gambling (#3 vice.)


  • Adult-Use Cannabis: $317,074,56187
  • Alcohol: $312,110,130.79
  • Gambling: $3,433,534.03
  • Live Adult Entertainment: $265,684.32

Cigarettes took the ultimate #1 spot though at $903,204,225.60 in Fiscal Year 2021.

Check out the full list here.

[h/t Reddit]

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