It's officially socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas. Even though some people have had their trees up for a WHILE, it's that time of year where the average family puts their's up.

We asked for your to share your trees with us and you did not disappoint. Here are the top 10 most unique Christmas trees shared by our 97ZOK listeners in no particular order -

1. The 2-D tree. We got two of these submissions and I'm putting them both because it's the most creative decorating I've EVER seen.


2. The Pet-proof tree. Genius, just genius.

3. The Halloween tree. Can't let go of spooky season? No worries.

4. The holiday fern. Why get rid of your year-round foliage? Just throw some lights on it and call it a day.

5. The book tree. If you've got plenty of books around the house, try this awesome idea.

6. The palm tree. Moved to the Stateline from a warmer climate? Don't forget your roots.

7. The simple tree. Want a tree but don't want to put in too much effort? Here we go.

8. The Cactus. From Arizona? Here ya go.

9. Da Bears tree.

10. The googly eye tree. Wan't to feel like your tree is staring at you? Here's your tree.

Rockford really showed up this year! Love the creativity. To check out all of the trees you can look here -

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