Illinois pandemic restrictions have been loosened. As a result, if you've had to put off an important surgery, your wait appears to be over.

Whether life-threatening or not, a surgery is an important decision. Once Governor J.B. Pritzker put us under a Stay At Home order, anyone who had chosen to have a surgery to improve their lives, had to put them on indefinite hold. This news must come as such a blessing to anyone who has been living with physical or emotional pain, that an elective surgery could take away.

SwedishAmercian is now beginning to reschedule those procedures. You'll have to wait until at least May 12.

The rescheduling process will be based on what surgeries are more pressing and which can wait, according to

I'm the kind of person that would not be able to wait until I get that 'rescheduling' call. If that's you too, I'd give them a call as soon as you can.

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