One of Rockford's greatest winter events is the Snow Sculpting Competition. Personally, I struggle to get a snow man to stand up in my yard, can you relate? Snow sculpting is truly an art and it's so impressive when the pieces are complete.

If you've never seen some of the snow art that is made during the competition, then you've got to check out some of the previous years because it will make your jaw hit the floor -

The 35th annual Snow Sculpting Competition has been postponed. Originally the competition was scheduled to start on January 20th.

But there's snow on the ground, and it's cold out, so why is it getting postponed? According to WTVO -

Temperatures need to remain consistently cold to make about two-and-a-half tons of snow needed for the event.

This isn't the first year the competition has been rescheduled. You'd think late January in Illinois would be cold enough, but it turns out it's not. And it makes sense, the thought of putting in all of that effort to make an amazing snow sculpture only to have mother nature take it away a few days later sounds like the most tragic thing ever.

Event coordinator Kellie Olivencia says -

Even with snow currently on the ground, manmade snow is a more pristine snow with a much better consistency for our sculptors to utilize, some actually prefer it.  Over the years we have also learned that manmade snow provides a better viewing experience for the community to enjoy these snow masterpieces. We are optimistic that pushing the event back will give us enough time to make our own snow, thanks to a string of colder temperatures in the forecast.

Rockford's Snow Sculpting Competition is now kicking off on January 27th and run through the 30th. You can learn more about the event here.

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