Rockford's Better Business Bureau warns residents of several Zikus Virus Scams that have suddenly cropped up.

According to WTVO, there are several Zika Scams claiming to have products that are to prevent or protect you from the Zika Virus. There's also phony investments being set up claiming to have products they're producing and marketing that are related to the Zika Virus. Along with e-mails that have malicious intents stating to have information about the Zika Virus and protection from it.

Rockford's B.B.B.has teamed up with other agencies to warn us consumers of these scams and to not fall for them. Dennis Horton, the Director of the Rockford Regional Office ot the Better Business Bureau, says that if the information appears to be "unsolicited or Spam delete those items" and do not engage in the phone calls, emails and the like.

With only 48 cases of the Zika Virus reported in Illinois our state is not in the high risk factor for the illness. We are more susceptible to West Nile over the Zika Virus which seems to be plaguing South America and areas of Miami.

There are ways to prevent and protect yourself from Zika and the U.S. Centers for Centers for Disease Control lists several products on line in which to use. Click here for details.


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