When it comes to pet peeves in Rockford. There are many that drive Rockfordians crazy, but as I kept reading and reading. It seems one stands out more than the rest. And honestly, I am stunned by this.

Chewing or smacking food with their mouth open was easily the number one pet peeve of Rockfordians.

I could keep posting comments but I think you get the point.

What's wrong with you people? Did your mother or father ever teach you any manners? Close your damn mouth when you chew your food. Oh, and don't talk with a mouth full of food either. Pigs do that. Are you a pig? If so, carry on, you are doing a fantastic job as your fellow Rockfordians have pointed out.

This one gets my blood boiling. When you're a man raised in the south. You are taught to hold the door for ladies. Most places you will get a thank you, but when I lived in Arizona that was a rarity. Matter of fact they'd look at me disgusted like, "I can open my own door thank you very much!" No prob. It's all yours next time. Rude.


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