Do you know who this 'hot sauce man,' is? Holly needs your help!

Ah, do you know how happy it makes me to have a missed connection story to write about??

Maybe you're new here, but if you're not new, you know that FOR YEARS, every Friday I wrote a missed connections story here on the 97ZOK website and talked about it on the air at about 2:45 p.m. on Friday afternoons.

Then, you know what happened... the world shut down.

When the world shut down, people stopped missing their connections... because, well we were all just inside without strangers to run into.

But guess what?

Running into strangers is back! Which is why we need to work together to help Holly.

She sent me this message:

It was [Monday] evening in Milwaukee. It was so brief. We were both sitting at the bar at the Miller Time Pub & Grill on Wisconsin Ave. We glanced at each other a couple times, and left at the same time. In passing I told him that I thought his vape pen was a personal bottle of hot sauce that he carried with him, he thought that was funny. We parted ways, but he will forever be known as "hot sauce man" and I thought he was cute.

Do you know hot sauce man? Are YOU hot sauce man?

I would love the chance to tell Holly we found her missing dude, send this to all of your friends and let's see if we can make it happen!

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