I should start off by telling you life-like dolls and robots give me an uneasy feeling. For instance, my father-in-law has a little robot that resembles Albert Einstein that talks, walks, and can carry on a conversation. It hard to mock someone for worrying about artificial intelligence robots taking over the world.

"Professor Einstein" is not quite a scary as one Rockford woman's childhood doll. A few questions came to mind after I saw the video below.

What the heck is wrong with that doll? How is it still working after being boxed away for so long?! What is it saying???

The owner, Bea Ricotta, told me the doll is not creepy (except it is), and deciphered the noise coming from the creepy little girl. Apparently, it says "I like to whisper in the dark", "is anyone else awake", and "Let's whisper" followed by a 'psst psst psst' sound. That's not cute, it's creepy. Why in world do dolls need to be talking about doing ANYTHING in dark or ask if anyone else is awake? It's like a living horror film.

Thanks, Bea. Thank you for the nightmares.


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