There is a time and a place for everything and, in this case, overnight in a parked car in front of a random house is not one of the times or places.


  1. Bonking
  2. Fornicating
  3. Making love
  4. Doing the business
  5. Shagging
  6. Doing it
  7. Getting it on
  8. Going all the way
  9. Making whoopee
  10. Diddling
  11. Scoring
  12. Porking
  13. Canoodling
  14. Jumping someone's bones
  15. Boinking

A Rockford woman allegedly witnessed a coupe bumping uglies in front of her home. As if it was random and potentially frightening enough, she spotted this at 4 a.m. As an early shifter, I can tell you it would not be one of the top ways I'd want to start my morning or end my day, for you late shifters.


Do not get too excited or concerned as far as details are concerned, there isn't a whole lot to it. At first, the woman says she first thought someone was trying to break into a car. Fortunately (or unfortunately) that wasn't 't the case.

I just want you both to know, if y’all cannot afford to rent a room at one of these fine hotel/motel establishments on State st. or use your respected domains for y’all little escapades. Y’all probably shouldn’t be together. Thank you!

Some of the comments from the message shared in the Facebook group, What's Happening in Rockford IL? add even more pleasure (no pun intended) to her post.

Here was the best response:

I kind of hope they're part of this group and they see this lol

If they are in the group and do see the post maybe they'll make note of it for next time.

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