The City of Rockford is about to look into what improvements can be made to the Auburn Street corridor. Don't freak out, it's not going to cost taxpayers. The project will be funded through a $120,000 grant via IDOT's federal funds. As a regular Auburn Street traveler, it's about time.

Specifically, the plan is to look at Auburn Street from the Rock River all the way to Springfield Avenue. City officials say this is the highest traveled, city-owned gateway from the west. This study will have four primary objectives. It will address deteriorating infrastructure and transportation improvements, They're also looking to implement the City's Complete Streets Policy.

Through this Complete Streets Policy and the adopted Comprehensive Plan the City recognizes the need to develop a safe, efficient, accessible and integrated multimodal transportation network that balances the need and desire for access, mobility, economic development and aesthetics while providing for the health and well-being for people of all ages and abilities. - City of Rockford


City officials will also be looking for opportunities to "promote a better sense of well-being", and improve economic activity. But they won't just asking researchers for information and ideas, they will look for the same from residents.

Public input will also be sought to develop a consensus for improving the corridor.

When the study is completed a plan will be put into place but will take years to complete.

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