Rockford's downtown revitalization isn't stopping anytime soon. 

RRStar -  The plan would require the multilane one-way streets to go on a diet — a road diet — reducing them to two traffic lanes plus a turn lane, but adding protected bicycle and pedestrian paths and sidewalks.

It would reconstruct the one-way streets that speed traffic around downtown from Avon Street to the west to Second Street to the east, connecting the new pedestrian and bike ways to an existing multiuse path along West State Street. They would remain one-way roads for vehicular traffic.

The plan is to pursue and $25 million federal grant to help pay for the project.

This would be a great development to downtown. It's changed A LOT for the better but it's still not exactly smooth to get around. Better bike and pedestrian lanes will address that and only invite more foot traffic downtown.

A good reliable looping bus route would be a great addition as well. I think they're looking at something like the Navy Pier trolley in Chicago that just loops people around all the major shopping destinations. Making it easier to get across the river or just all the way from the BMO Center to somewhere like Prairie Street Brewing would be an excellent addition, especially when the weather turns and walking is not an option.

If you've been paying attention to Rockford's River District you know things are getting a lot better. This, in addition to some of the new living spaces going in downtown could be one of the final pieces in the total revitalization.

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