Picking a name can be a really big deal. Whether it's naming your child, a new pet or for Rockford coming up with two names for the new schools that are under construction.

According to the Rockford Register Star this is the first time in over five years that Rockford Schools have had to go through the process of naming a school. This time it will be coming up with respective names for the two schools being built in Cherry Valley and the other in the Northeast section of Rockford.

Typically, schools are names for presidents, the community they're in, local and or national heroes, early settlers of the area, or former mayors and superintendents.

However, coming up with a name is a huge ordeal because whatever is chosen will be permanent. It will reflect the community and be there forever and ever. So getting the name just right is of great importance.

The new Cherry Valley school, which is replacing Cherry Valley, White Swan and Thompson Elementary already has a couple of suggestions for the facility. Those are Cherry Valley or Leonard B. Keller. Keller was a local native and a 1968 Medal of Honor recipient.

The school being built to replace the former Kishwaukee and Nelson Elementary schools have yet to have any suggestions to be made.

There has been talk among school board members that there is a possibility of one of the two schools being named King Elementary after Martin Luther King Jr. That has yet to be determined.

The Rockford School Board will seek community input on naming the new elementary schools and ask that the public stay tuned in to be able to voice their suggestions.

The Rockford School Board "has a policy — policy 4.152 —  outlining how it should be done." 

Which states: "that students, parents, faculty and community members shall meet with the building principal or administrator before submitting a recommendation. Those recommendations can be, but are not limited to, people who have made a significant contribution to society, as along as they have been dead at least two years, as well as historic landmarks and geographic locations. According to the policy, recommendations are to be filed with petitions containing at least 50 signatures and background information supporting the recommendation."

See I told you it's a BIG deal.

Geez and I thought coming up with a name for my pets was hard.

What would names would you give the schools?


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