13-year-old Lincoln Middle School student Madelyn Grobe passed away in her sleep on Friday, February 24 while at home battling the flu. Madelyn suffered from a rare disease called Addison's Disease, and that combined with battling the flu, was more than her body could handle. Madelyn's family is now dealing with the devastating and unexpected loss, but also trying to find a way to pay for Madelyn's funeral expenses, and they need this community's support.

Madelyn's brother has started a gofundme page to help his family lay his beloved sister to rest where he says;

Madelyn suffered from Addison’s Disease and was diagnosed at the age of 7. Addison’s Disease is an adrenal gland/endocrine disease disorder characterized by progressive anemia, low blood pressure, weakness, and bronze discoloration of the skin. It occurs when your body produces insufficient amounts of certain hormones produced by your adrenal glands. She took hormone replacement medication daily for 6 years to correct the levels of steroid hormones her body couldn’t produce.

He also explains that:

The Addison’s Disease combined with having the flu was just too much for her little body to handle.  Our sunshine was taken away from us way too soon.  No one expects to have to bury their child.

This is why the family needs our help. No one expects to have to bury their child at 13 years old, and the family was not prepared for such a tragic event.  Any amount of money you can give to help Madelyn's family would be greatly appreciated. Make your donation now, here.


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