We almost made it but unseasonable weather has forced the decision to be made, to postpone the annual Rockford St. Patrick's Day Parade until next Saturday, when it is supposed to be much nicer.

If the parade was just one day later, it would have basked in the sun and temps in the 50s. Instead Friday night's plummeting mercury down to 8 degrees overnight and Saturday's sub-freezing high would make conditions do dangerous and uncomfortable to have en enjoyable parade.

We had Danny McDade from the Irish Marching Society on the show today. We thought we were going to talk about the upcoming parade and Paddyfest, but Danny had some news to share with us.

As you can hear Danny explain in the clip. They discussed this with the Mayor and other city leaders. The logistics of moving it to Sunday would not work just due to logistics with the police and other aspects of the city.

And most importantly, Danny mentions that the St. Patrick's Day Parade is supposed to be about fun and spreading joy. It's much harder to spread joy when you're complaining about your toes freezing off.

One other note Danny adds, is that as cold as it is on land, it will be even colder on the water which is where a whole crew will be dyeing the river green.

So, the parade and dyeing of the river will be moved back (or up? not sure) to Saturday, March 19th. Same route. Same time. You can find all the info here. 

Danny did want to emphasize that Paddyfest is still on for this Saturday from 4-7:30 at the Prairie Street Brewhouse from 4-7:30. Danny will be there and if you haven't experienced him in person, you should make a mission to do so some day.

Stay warm over the weekend and we'll see everyone at the parade next Saturday.


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