Auburn High School Senior Kate Foster is a familiar and beloved face here at Q98.5. Her inspirational fight with cancer at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the accomplishments she has made since then amaze me every day. Now she's taking her story one step further to promote the importance of expanding the Bone Marrow Registry.

When I first met Kate over 5 years ago she had just returned from St. Jude after receiving a bone marrow transplant for second bout with cancer. She lost her leg to her first cancer battle, but the bone marrow she received from her sister and another woman saved her from a worst fate. This is why Kate is so passionate about spreading the message of  not only St. Jude, but about the Bone Marrow Registry as well.

Kate spent Tuesday at Rockford University recruiting students to register for the Bone Marrow Registry. The reason? One of the women that saved her life was a college student who just happened to register at her college's registry drive.

Kate Foster told WIFR yesterday;

“I met her she is wonderful, we email regularly, she's just an amazing woman and she signed up for this in a very similar situation, she went to the university of Georgia and they were holding a bone marrow drive and signed up on a whim and ended up saving my life.

"Be The Match" and sign up for the Bone Marrow Registry today here.



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