Looking for a new gig, that comes with a $3000 hiring bonus? The Rockford School District is in need of school bus drivers....now. WTVO

As kids dread these last few weeks of summer before school restarts, the Rockford School District needs school bus drivers. As districts are in need of help, and drivers. What is Rockford doing to get people driving and more importantly get kids back to school? Paying a hefty $3000 hiring bonus!

"With pay starting at $15.30 an hour, for the first time ever, new drivers are being offered a signing bonus. So, we’re offering two different incentives they’re both sign-on bonuses. It is for new drivers. They come here and train, we get them their CDL, or whatever their missing  school bus endorsement.” - Michael Slife, executive transportation director for RPS 205

Michael Slife also stated that the Rockford School District is about 50 drivers short, ouch.

Once potential school bus drivers are certified, and agree to a three year deal, they will receive their $3000 bonus.

You don't work year round, sign up for a 3-year deal AND get a $3000 bonus for getting the gig, sweet.

220 buses, transporting over 18,000 students, with 165 routes per day.

To get ahold of the "transportation office" of the Rockford School District:

(P) 815-966-3700

Or go to the website at RPS205

If this isn't for you, pass this along to those that could use a solid gig.

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