Very tense moment earlier on Monday as a robbery too place on West State Street in Rockford.

A customer stopped into the Citgo gas station on West State street on Tuesday morning.   She went inside to pay for her gas and observed a short line of others waiting to do the same. Then, all of a sudden, the woman is attacked by an individual, just to her left.

According to a report published at Rockford, the victim said the assailant tackled her to the floor, repeatedly asking her to give him her cell phone. She cried for help and no one did a thing. She also states the assailant was trying to steal her wallet and ring.

Later on, according to the victim, the manager of the Citgo station pulled out a taser gun and subdued the assailant and police were called.

It's sad to observe that none of the other customers did nothing to help the victim.

Rockford police have not released information about the incident at this time. The victim claims there were ten "grown men" in the gas station, and none of them helped her.

If you were in this gas station at the time, what would you have done?

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