If you've dreamt of one day having your own food truck business, you do not want to miss this opportunity for a real shot at being successful.

One of Rockford's most talented and creative restaurant owners just threw out a very good offer for anyone who keeps having those 'food truck dreams'.

Disco Chicken via Facebook
Disco Chicken via Facebook

Owning Your Own Restaurant (or bar) on Wheels

That's the 'food truck dream' many of us started having during the covid pandemic. The obstacle in my way to fulfilling that dream has nothing to do with not being able to come up with a creative idea. I'll bet it's the same scenario that plays out in your dreams, too.

The money to start a food truck business is usually the first big obstacle that derails the dream. But, investors often write checks for a great idea led by someone with tremendous initiative.

There's still one more obstacle that often kills the dream. Even if your idea is fantastic and you have all the energy in the world, there's one big thing that can make investors keep their checkbooks in their pocket, and that is, lack of experience.

The name, the food, the color of the truck, the logo... you've dreamt about all of it, but you have zero experience with running a restaurant on wheels.

Let's Get Started on Turning your Food Truck Dream into a Reality

Paul Sletten, owner and creator of several Rockford-area restaurant brands including the Disco Chicken food truck, wants to pay you well to get all the skills you'll need to own your own truck.

Disco Chicken via Facebook
Disco Chicken via Facebook

These acquired skills will either set you up very well for running your own operation, or it helps you decide if you really want to do it. Pretty sweet deal to figure out if it's for you, before your own business fails and you're stuck paying back a loan, or an investor.

We are looking for a chef to run daily operations of Disco Chicken Food Truck. All responsibilities including menu prep, ordering, scheduling, inventory, specials, driving, staff management and social media.
This position requires someone who wants to take “ownership” of the truck and work with our team to get out and take this truck to all kinds of events. This is a very physical job and requires a person with great multi-tasking skills and ability to work under pressure.
The perks are a new office everyday! From private homes, to festivals to business lunches, this truck can be out every day with the right person managing the team.
Salary is open for discussion based on your experience and how much of your energy you are ready to put in. Profit share is also an option.
If this sounds like a great opportunity for you, we would love to talk with you.
Thanks - Paul

Disco Chicken via Facebook
Disco Chicken via Facebook

If this is speaking to you, it's time to start grinding your way toward fulfilling that dream.

Looking forward to seeing your realized dream at Food Truck Tuesday.

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