Well here's good news for Rockford, yet again.

One of our restaurants made it into the top twelve of Illinois best restaurants!

Thrillist recently, came out with a list of the top restaurants in Illinois that are outside of Chicago and Abreo from downtown Rockford made the cut.

Now if you've never eaten there this may make you want to consider doing so. What put the restaurant on the Thrillist map was their inventive wine bar and their tasty menu that is seasonally driven. The menu is constantly changing but the quality and deliciousness never does. These two aspects definitely gave Abreo the push needed to make the list.

Here is the complete list of restaurants that rated the best outside of Chicago.

To see all the tastiness you can enjoy at Abreo in Downtown Rockford, click here.

Hmm, I'm thinking a girl's night to try out some of those wines and their duck nachos just might be in order.

Congratulations to Abreo and helping to make Rockford shine!