One thing that hasn't gone down in 2020, Rockford's wine consumption.

I know you might be thinking I'm basing all of this wine information off of just my apartment consumption, but, no I promise, I am not the only person who's been drinking more wine this year.

Wine has become a regular part of our lives this year because, well, I don't need to explain it to you, which is why the team at Abreo thought, let's do a wine club.

You have got to give it to Paul Sletten. We always knew he was an inventive restaurant owner but this year he's proved to be just an creative as ever. He started a new BBQ catering company, he's ready for a food truck collab and now the Abreo wine club all in the middle of a pandemic!

Give the people what you KNOW they aren't going to give up this year - more wine!

Not only do you get monthly wine, but you also get future discounts and a bonus selection if you join before November 1.

Honestly, why wouldn't we want to do this? Yes it seems pricey at $699/year but that's less than $2 a day, split it with someone and it's basically free.

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