As Rockford continues to grasp the reality of what happened to Officer Jaimie Cox early Sunday morning, a state representative publicly said what we're all thinking. Stop turning the sad news into a political conversation. There is a time and a place to debate about politics and this is not the time.

Illinois State Representative John Cabello (R-Machesney Park) went to Facebook with an acceptable chip on his shoulder requesting Rockford-area residents stop taking the focus off of Officer Jaimie Cox, who leaves behind a wife. No matter your political stance there's no debating his remarks are a-OK.

I have seen lots of very thoughtful posts about our fallen hero Officer Jaimie Cox. I have seen some hateful posts about our finest. Until Officer Jaimie Cox is peacefully laid to rest please stop with the political hate.

The City of Rockford has NOT cut its police budget. We can have all of the political fights we want after Officer Jaimie Cox is resting peacefully.

For his family, friends and coworkers sake please STOP! We have the finest law enforcement agencies and first responders in the national (sic). Lets honor them by giving the political bs a break.

If you take offense to this message feel free to call me on my personal cell phone 815-621-2196.

If his words offend you don't call me (because I don't care) give John a call. Better yet show your support for the brave men and women that put their lives on the line every time they go to work, just like Officer Cox, by purchasing one of these wristbands.

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