April is sexual assault awareness month. Year after year, more and more sexual assault cases are brought into the light. Female and males, ages young and old have fell victim to this heinous crime. With social media growing by leaps and bounds every year, victims are using their voices to speak up. There are different organizations that help victims cope as well. One for instance is the Family Justice Center.

According to MyStateline.com, the Rockford Police department have partnered with the Family Justice center and they are selling t shirts to help raise money. The shirts only cost $20 dollars and the come with the slogan 'Only Yes Means Yes'. Proceeds will help fund the Family Justice Center that helps victims deal with sexual assault. Police Chief Dan O'Shea said, " Let us try and be a bridge into the system and let's put away violent offenders. You can get a T shirt at the Rockford Police District 3 or City hall during normal operation hours.

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