On Tuesday a 2-year-old girl was hit by a car in Rockford after running into the street, and now her parents need help finding the driver who fled the scene.

As a parent with toddlers, my stomach sunk when I first read the news about a 2-year-old being hit after running into the street; it's every parent's worst nightmare realized. I broke out into fear goosebumps though when I came across this photo being shared on Facebook yesterday, and knew I had to do my part to help.

Things can happen so fast with littles, and I can only imagine the guilt and pain Faith's parents are feeling right now. Here's the thing though, some people on social media are accusing the parents of poor supervision, and that makes me MAD. Obviously, I don't know what was happening in the minutes before Faith ran into the street, but I do know tragedy can happen when we turn our backs for a second, and it could happen at any moment to any of us. I don't think we should be throwing stones at a family who is already going through Hell until we know all the facts. Focus your energy instead on finding the cowardly person who fled the scene in panic.

Please, if you know anything about this car, driver or incident, call the Rockford Police Department at 815-966-2900.

Get well soon, Faith. You are in our thoughts and prayers.



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