Behold the power of fried chicken. A true staple in the south is now a major trend in the north. Fired chicken is the ultimate comfort food. Its been on dinner tables for over 200 years now. But I will say this, no fried chicken tastes the same.

From the Big Box fast food chicken chains to the old timey family run cafes, your sure to find fried chicken on most menus. Well there's a new chicken in town and his name is Harold according to Harold's Fried Chicken that is. The restaurant opened up on Monday and has seen lines of patrons lined up outside the door.

Harold's is definitely not new to Illinois. There are several different locations throughout Chicago. The Restaurant is located at 109 N. Showplace Drive in Rockford. On the menu you can get chicken and waffles and regular fried chicken but they also do wings and southern favorites like fried green tomatoes, Okra and hot peppers. They also have the gizzards, livers and giblets. So if you get a craving for fried chicken you might want to check out Harold's if you haven't been yet.

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