A great story came out of Lincoln Middle School in Rockford today according to mystateline.com. Students and children are definitely smarter these days. Lots of them have their eyes on the future. Not just their future either, everyone else's. Lincoln Middle School is participating in a special initiative to reduce food waste. Which is good for the planet and for us.

The students are thinking globally and acting locally. One of the students, Brianna Najera, said that "My future in the world will be hot and we won't b able to live a long time". The students have a No Waste Food Day, where each grade separates their trash from school lunches. On April 12th, they weighed how much food waste the students had in just one day. The total came out to a staggering 157 pounds. The next day they did it again and that number was sliced in half to a total of only 80 pounds.

When it comes to compostable waste, the number went from 43 pounds to only 12. Non-compostable waste numbers went from 58 pounds to only 28 pounds. The students are really learning how to better the world around us and to try to make our future better. Do you realize if all students or schools, or even parents did this the world would be a lot better off? Hats off to all the students at Lincoln Middle School.

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