Over the years I've gone to many different places to get my haircut. One thing that I may have taken for granted is knowing that no matter where I go, the person holding sharp objects next to my head is licensed.

To be a barber or cosmetologist requires school and training. It allows students to learn the proper way to do things. It also helps them know the health codes when it comes to sanitation. That doesn't mean if you don't go to school you don't know what you're doing, just means you aren't supposed to be working at a business without one.

A new bill, House Bill 5558, would change that. It would give them the right NOT to be licensed as long as they post a notice at the location that informs customers that the person is not licensed.

In theory, that seems reasonable. As a consumer, if you walk into a place and are informed they aren't licensed, then that's your decision on whether or not you want to use their services. The problem is, this doesn't require they tell you, just that they post something informing customers they aren't licensed. Who really checks? Plus, if someone of them are licensed and some aren't, would it require each individual barber to have it posted in their booth?

Personally, I take comfort in knowing the person who is cutting my hair is licensed and has gone to school for it. I wouldn't want a dentist who didn't go to school working on my teeth and I wouldn't want someone cutting my hair who hasn't been properly trained.

Should Illinois require a license for barbers and cosmetologists? Tell us in the comments.

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