Happy Friday the 13th, get ready for some 8-eyed spiders.

You thought you would be spending the day watching out for black cats but instead, it's 8-eyed wolf spiders.

Ok, so obviously this is scary and disgusting. And freaking me out because I know for sure there are some cracks in the windows of my apartment and that's how these little dudes are invading Rockford.

According to DNA Info, the colder weather in Chicago, Rockford and the like is why we are seeing these guys inside.


Yeah, that's the part that needed to sink in for me.

Um also... they don't just crawl, they jump. I mean c'mon wolf spiders. You have to be large and creepy and have 8 eyes and you JUMP?!

By the way, they're like an inch long and can carry their live children when they crawl, and all set up shop at your house.

Apparently, they only bite if you bother them, so you probably want to stay away.

And I thought these annoying little regular spiders were my biggest problem this fall.

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