Today might be Cyber Monday, but tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and perhaps one of the people you want to 'give' to is Jon Jaworowski.

Last week Jon wrote me an email:

Hi Michelle!
I am a huge fan and I absolutely love listening to your show!  My name is Jon and I am a current college Freshman from the Rockford area.  I recently was accepted into FIO Italia which is a 5-week intensive opera experience in Italy.  I just wanted to reach out because I know every once and a while you guys post stories about young adults in the area with incredible opportunities.  If you were looking for something new to post, I would really appreciate some help from 97zok.  This opportunity is going to cost me around $7000 dollars to go and I would really appreciate some support from the Rockford community to make this dream a reality.

So I went searching for Jon and found his GoFundMe Page. You can help Jon get to Italy by donating on that page.

I couldn't find any videos of Jon singing, but I did find some videos of Jon talking about his dreams of working for Disney.

Good luck, Jon!

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