You didn't know you needed waffle cones with your coffee, but now that they're option, you totally do. 

We are so lucky to have so many small businesses thriving in Rockford, especially after a pandemic.

And we're even luckier when the businesses come together to make our lives more delicious.

I'm talking about the beautiful marriage of ice cream and coffee, two things I can't live without.

Rockton's Dairyhaus and Rockford Roasting Company have been working together for some time now, bringing us fun flavors but now we have vegan chia seed waffle cones to put that creamy goodness inside.

I discovered this fun fact inside the Rockford N Stateline Foodie Facebook group, you probably want to join.

Another fun fact, I LOVE WAFFLE CONES. I know you probably do too, and now I very much  need to try these.

Have you tried one yet?

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