If you have some time today, lend a vein. The Rock River Valley Blood Center has announced that the blood supply in the Rockford area is lower than usual this time of year.

According to the Rock River Valley Blood Center, in fact, they have less than one day’s supply of A-negative and B-positive. Supplies are also very limited of O-negative and O-positive blood types.

Blood donors are desperately needed. Giving blood is an easy, meaningful way to make a difference. In fact, this simple gift can help the lives of up to three people. Giving blood only takes about one hour.

If you have Wednesdays free, the River Valley Blood Center (RRVBC) will feature “Hot Dog Wednesdays" and Ice Cold Slushies at donor centers in Rockford and Belvidere. RRVBC will provide hot dogs and fixings to donors on Wednesdays through August 27th.

For more information and donation locations, contact the RRVBC.