How would you feel if you spent thousands on a new puppy, only to have the animal pass away three weeks later because they were sick? An area pet store is going to make sure that never happens again. 

ABC 7 in Chicago has reported that a legal agreement has been reached by Furry Babies, which operates stores in Rockford and Janesville. The puppy store gives this statement as a reason to go there:

"Instead of spending hours searching for a reputable breeder in Illinois and Wisconsin, trust the experts at Furry Babies to have the perfect puppy for you. Specializing in designer and purebred dogs, all of our puppies come from private or licensed breeders."

There is a local connection to this. The president of the company is Roger Trolinger, who is from Rockford. He, along with the company Furry Babies Inc., was sued back in 2013. Five different families accused them of selling puppies that were raised in dirty and unhealthy conditions. One of the puppies passed away three weeks after finding a new home.

Now, in the legal agreement. Furry Babies will change the way they do business with breeders. Here is the statement from the Humane Society of the United States Animal Legal Defense Funds Christopher Murry

"The Furry Babies chain will ensure that none of the puppies it obtains comes from breeders or facilities that have had any direct or critical animal welfare act violations within the last inspection. They will also practically disclose veterinary reports as well as information about the breeders to people who buy puppies from those stores"

This should put to rest any concerns you may have with Furry Babies. Here is the story and a link to the investigation that was done last year.

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