If you thought your neighbors were cool, wait until about these hockey loving Cul de Sac neighbors.

"This is the fifth or sixth year a group of neighbors built their own ice rink to enjoy during Rockford's coldest season", says Machesney Park resident Chris Weber.

"Three or four families in the cul De sac play hockey, so they decided to build a rink."

What a great idea. Save the gas and time restraints by constructing your own ice rink. This is how you become the coolest street in town.

There's still plenty of winter left for you to give this a shot. But, It goes without saying, there's time and effort involved in building your own hockey rink for family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy.

Since my wife won't let me attempt to this, because my carpentry skills are dangerous, I'll share this how-to guide that will help you out.

Happy skating!

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