Legend says enormous rock pyramids lurk under the water of Wisconsin's Rock Lake, but do you believe they actually exist?

Have You Heard of the Legend of Rock Lake's Pyramids?

When I was in high school I spent most of my summer weekends at Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. One of my best friend's parents had a summer place on the lake, and I have so many fun memories from the time I spent there, but today I read something about Rock Lake that has left me shook.

Maybe I was a preoccupied, ignorant high schooler at the time, but in all the years I spent at Rock Lake and all the people I met there, not once did I hear about the massive pyramids that legends say lie beneath the lake's waters.

Seriously, this legend is such a big deal that the Lake Mills, Wisconsin logo even features pyramids, (which I never noticed either). Here's an example from the City of Lake Mills Wisconsin Police Department...

City of Lake Mills Wisconsin Police Department
City of Lake Mills Wisconsin Police Department

Now that we've established the pride Lake Mills takes in their pyramids, let's get to the story of their alleged existence. I say "alleged" because after doing further research I learned that not everyone agrees on the truth behind the legend.

The website mysteriesrunsolved.com says that since the early 1830s native Winnebago and Ho Chunk people have been talking about a "sunken village of rock teepees" that exists beneath the waters of Rock Lake, but they weren't actually "seen" until the early part of the twentieth century.

The article says two duck hunters on a boat saw; " a large pyramidal structure resting dark and enormous in the depths of Rock Lake", ever since then people have been on a search to prove they exist.

The Search for Rock Lake's Pyramids

Over the years several different people have been viewing the depths of Rock Lake by air and have confirmed they have seen something large and "perfectly triangled" looming beneath the deep waters. Sonar technology has also confirmed that something is there, but are they really pyramids? One "underwater detective" from Madison named Rick Krueger says no.

According to an article on patrickdurkinoutdoors.com, Krueger says;

You can look all you want for pyramids and other manmade structures out here, but all you’ll find is regular ol’ rock piles left by the glacier 10,000 years ago.

Compared to Madison’s (four) lakes, the bottom of Rock Lake has very few things people left behind.

Time and water pollution may have taken a toll on the pyramids making them harder to spot, but do you believe they actually exist? Read Patrick Durkin Outdoors' full article, and see what you think.

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