An air mattress was stolen from a Walmart in Illinois by a woman wearing a red bathrobe.

I don't know what it is, but have you ever noticed people pretty much wear whatever they want to go shopping at Walmart. I understand being comfortable when you're going to the store, but some people take it too far. It's like they just rolled out of bed. I've seen customers in their pajamas and slippers. Obviously, there's no dress code

According to,

"A woman clad in a red bathrobe was caught on surveillance video pilfering an air mattress from Walmart."

The suspect took the item off the shelf and put it in her cart. She took off without paying for it. To top it off, her vehicle was parked in the fire lane. They were able to find her by the license plate. The value was $70.

I would normally question this whole situation, but it's Walmart so it doesn't surprise me.


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