Video is circulating on the Social Media and the internet showing a road rage incident that took place in the Chicago suburbs, at a church on Sunday.A large number of Motorcycle riders from the Chicago area participated in a ride sponsored by Chicago United Riders called La Carne Asada 2016 that took place in Aurora.

In the videos you can see what appears to be road rage on the part of an unhappy pick-up truck driver. Chicago United Riders on social media said:

He chased riders down. Hit a couple, ran over a motorcycle, driving on the sidewalk trying to run over everyone.


From the videos, you can see a pickup truck ramming and plowing through a large group motorcycles.


Here are a longer versions of some of the events that transpired on Sunday from a different angles. (NOTE: Language)


In the following video, Aurora Police appear to defend the pick-up truck driver.

You be the judge, who is the guilty party here, the truck driver, or the bikers?

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