Brett Eldredge took the stage at RodeoHouston on Wednesday night (March 9) in front of a crowd of nearly 55,000 people. Prior to his set, the country star admitted to The Boot that the rodeo audience was "definitely one of the biggest" he's played to so far -- but he didn't seem fazed by it.

"I love that feeling of feeling so small, but yet you're able to project your voice and make it fill up a room, and that makes you feel like you can touch every person up there in the top row and make them feel something too," Eldredge tells The Boot. "It is my job to entertain everybody, even if I look like a little ant on the stage."

Eldredge opened his show with "Fire," telling concertgoers, "This is a crazy night; this might be craziest show that I've ever done!" Wearing a black T-shirt and grey zip-up sweater and jeans, the singer played it up for the cameras, getting right in their lens (in a good way) throughout the night.

When it was time for Eldredge to sing "Mean to Me," he shared with the audience that, while growing up, he loved fireflies, and he encouraged the crowd to put their phones in the air to mimic the bugs' tiny lights. From there, he rolled into a cover of George Strait's "Run."

Eldredge's set, of course, included his latest singles, "Lose My Mind" and "Drunk on Your Love," both of which are from his Illinois album ... and both of which were met with huge applause. However, "Drunk on Your Love" seemed to be the crowd's favorite; the entire arena was singing along with its infectious chorus.

The singer closed his set with "Don't Ya," which he admitted is one of his favorites.

When Eldredge first began playing music, a buddy of his told the artist that RodeoHouston was one of country music's most important stages.

"This is the craziest thing to be up here on the stage," he said from stage. "... Thanks for the opportunity."

This summer, Eldredge will be joining Keith Urban on the road: He and Maren Morris are the special guests on Urban's RipCORD World Tour.

"I toured with Keith when I was first getting going, so it is pretty cool to go back," Eldredge tells The Boot. "I had one hit then, and now I've had several. To be able to get up there and get on stage every night with giant crowds and also learn from Keith every night -- because Keith is the master of what he does; he is just so amazing on stage. [And] Maren is an amazing singer, so it is going to be a very soulful vibe."

RodeoHouston 2016, which runs throughout March, offers a star-studded concert lineup, including Urban, Brad Paisley and more. Luke Bryan will take the stage on Thursday (March 10).

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