It's been so bitter-cold this winter. We've seen extreme temps and crazy wind chill factors, over 46 inches of snow and even a few ice storms. Chicago has been feeling it too. According to the US National Weather Service in Chicago, the Windy City hasn't had a day where the temperature is over 54 degrees since October 31st. That means 130 consecutive days below 54 degrees. It's actually almost record breaking at this point. As of now it's tied for the 3rd longest in the record books.

It looks like it's days are numbered though, Wednesday there's a good chance that the temp will rise above 54 degrees. If it doesn't, then Thursday will probably be it. But then it will jump to the 2nd longest streak of less than 54 degrees. The longest cold spell on record in the area was set back in 1880 to 1881. Come on Spring weather, I know I'm ready for it. If it doesn't warm up soon, we might have to call Guiness.

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