Makes me sick! An Illinois playground was booby-trapped with straight-edged razors glued to equipment frequented by children according to reports by Quad Cites TV Station WQAD.'

The sharp razors were found by parents in East Moline at Millennium Park , near Illinois' western border with Iowa. Parents say their children were the blades on the monkey bars.

Some deranged individual is at work here. Police in the area collected the razor blades and other evidence. The razors were glued to the park’s monkey bars, fire pole and the bottom of the slide. The Razor the blades were facing up, so when someone grabbed the bars, a person could hit their wrist or hands.

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Warning to parents, in today's world, there are always copy cat criminals. Inspect the area your children will play in, even it it means some extra time on your part. It's always better to be safe than sorry.