Randy Houser's "No Stone Unturned" is cross-country freight train of a song that pulls at nostalgia and steers your attention. Precise percussion lays the ties for the smooth rails of the singer's voice to glide over at a speed-of-life clip.

There is plenty happening during this second single from Magnolia. Repeat listens are necessary. Three verses describe a gypsy's search for contentment while a modern-day delta-hillbilly orchestra pumps the pistons of a full-throttle arrangement. "No Stone Unturned" is a blue collar country song that snarls at the chorus, but softens during each conflicted verse.

"I'm drawn to the chaos in the wind / Can't help but take a look now and then," he whispers to begin the final stanza of this Dallas Davidson co-write before slowly climbing up, up, up. Houser is among country music's most dynamic vocalists, capable of hushing a room with the power of — or vulnerability in — his voice. The train crests that hill as he finishes the next couplet and once again we're racing with more power in every measure until it all just fades away. 

The best country songs create a visual without help from a music video or stage performance. "No Stone Unturned" is a song you can hear, feel and see in vivid color. 

Did You Know?: Don't think the "No turn un-stoned" lyric isn't intentional. Houser tells Taste of Country the seed of this song was planted while he was high and grocery shopping with Dallas Davidson.

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Randy Houser, "No Stone Unturned" Lyrics:

I made it up to Nashville, played the part / I took a broken guitar through the heart / And I chased a girl to New Orleans / She lit me up on Bourbon Street / So I headed up to Memphis on a train / Got sidetracked in the Mississippi rain / Picked up a case of delta blues / Then I washed it down with Tennessee booze.


There ain't no grass gonna grow up under my feet / No tellin' where I might be / I can always find one hell of a time / While I'm out here lookin' for me / No stone unturned / No turn un-stoned.

Well Colorado put me in the clouds / I still don't think my feet have touched the ground / And I sat a night on fire out in L.A / Hell, I'm just glad nobody knew my name.

Repeat Chorus

I'm drawn to the chaos in the wind / Can't help but take a look around the bend / And one day I'll probably settle down / But there's still a lotta lost to be found.

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