So when you look outside today you'll notice its really not the perfect day for fireworks. But don't fret, according to the Chicago Tribune rain or shine the big new fireworks display tonight in Chicago is still happening. In fact this will be one of the biggest fireworks displays the city has even seen. Almost a whole mile of the river is rigged with fireworks that will light up the sky tonight in downtown Chicago.

Listing of Upcoming Fireworks Displays in the Stateline
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The fireworks show will be completely choreographed and synchronized to a music playlist that will be broadcasted throughout the city off 5 different launch points. If you can't make it tonight the whole fireworks display will be shown on NBC 5 so you won't miss a moment of the action. John Murray who is in charge of the whole display says that regardless of weather that the show must go on. This display is completely separate from the Navy Pier display that will also be firing off tonight at Midnight.

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