Although winter hasn't officially started per our calendars. This week we are experiencing the lovely arctic blast that reminds us what we are in for come December, January and February.

Are you ready? I know I'm not. I thought we could use a few quick winter fixes to get us prepared.

Have you ever though about using cat litter or your car mats for traction when getting your car unstuck from a snow bank?

Or how about using zip-lock bags over your side view mirrors to keep the snow and ice off?

What about spraying your shovels with non-stick cooking oil to keep snow from sticking to them.

Ladies we all hate hat head. To get rid of that keep dry shampoo spray on hand to primp and fluff our hair back to it's done stage after wearing hat.

Those are just a few of helpful, quick winter fixes from Go Social to get us already to take on winter. The list even includes a recipe for a home made de-icer for use on our windshields and sidewalks.

To see the recipe and the complete list of the fixes for winter click here.