If you take the interstate in Illinois, you soon might be traveling north and southbound on the 'Obama.'

An Illinois lawmaker has introduced legislation to rename I-55 after former President Barack Obama. NBC5Chicago is reporting that the measure was introduced in Springfield by Chicago Democratic State Representative La Shawn Ford.

The renaming would not encompass I-55 in it's entirety, but a 270 mile portion of the highway.

The stretch of I-55 from Lakeshore Drive in Chicago to the Tri-State Tollway is currently named after Adlai Stevenson, the late Illinois governor and two-time presidential candidate. Ford wants to rename the rest of the 270 mile stretch of I-55 from the Tri-State Tollway to East St. Louis after Obama.

This is not the first time an Interstate has been renamed in recently years. Rt 88, used to be called the East-West Tollway,  but was renamed the Ronald Reagan Tollway in 2004 after his death.

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